Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-02 Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Substituted Cobalt Ferrites Kumar, L. 2013
TH-05 Some Optical Image Encryption Techniques based on Amplitude and Phase Truncation Rajput, S.K. 2014
TH-27 Analytical Models for Cigar Shaped Bose-Einstein Condensate under a variety of External Confinements Nath, A. 2015
TH-32 Composition Driven Structural and Magnetic Phase Transitions in Bismuth Ferrite Kumar, P. 2016
TH-41 Investigations on Asymmetric Image Encryption Schemes using Optical Transforms Mehra, I. 2016
TH-61 Charge Dynamics of Metal-Organic Semiconductor Interface and Organic Field Effect Transistors Kavala, A. K. 2017
TH-64 Investigations on Recognition and Security Techniques for 3D Objects using Digital Holography Kumar, D. 2017
TH-85 Co-Substitution Tuned Multifunctionality In Lanthanum Orthoferrite Rai, A. P. 2018
TH-87 Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties Study on Co1-XDXFe2O4 (D= Ca, Sr, Ba And Pb) and Composite of CoFe2O4-A (A = NiO, BaTiO3) Kumar, R. 2018
TH-90 Impedance Spectroscopy and DC Resistivity Studies on Substituted Cobalt ferrite (CFO) and Polymer-CFO Nanocomposites Supriya, S. 2018
TH-99 Some Investigations on Phase Retrieval in Optical Asymmetric Cryptosystems Fatima, A. 2018
TH-102 2D Materials- Synthesis and Applications in Sensing and Environmental Remediation Ranjan, P. 2019
TH-104 Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Substituted (Al-Cr-Cu-Ca-La) Barium Hexaferrite and Composites (BHF-NZFO-BTO-PVDF) Kumar, S. 2019
TH-112 Quantum Memory Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Bhushan, S. 2019
TH-118 Thermal Transport Studies in Rare Earth-Transition Metal Oxides and Their Composites Kumar, A. 2019
TH-124 Development of Experimental Setups and Theoretical Modelling of Nanoplasmonic-Photonic Hybrid Devices for Studying Single Molecules in Real-Time Arya, A. 2019


Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-10 Multicomponent Reaction for the Synthesis of Dihydropyridine, Tetrahydropyridine and Spirooxindole Pyran Derivatives Pal, S. 2014
TH-11 Synthesis of New Triptycene and Uracil Derivative and Their Applications in Supermolecular Chemistry Chakraborty, S. 2014
TH-16 Photophysics of Fluorescent Probes in Organized Assemblies and Different Neat Solvents Chatterjee, A. 2015
TH-17 Mechanistic Study of the Repair of Clustered Abasic Site DNA Damage and Construction of DNA-Porphyrin Hybrid Molecular Building Blocks Singh, V. 2015
TH-18 Newer Catalystic Methodologies for Domino Synthesis of Pyran, Spriooxindole, Pyridine and Rapid Decomposition of Organic Dyes Molla, A. 2015
TH-24 Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Expanded Graphite and Graphene Mondal, T. 2015
TH-30 Multicomponent Reactions: A One Pot Cyclization Strategy for the Synthesis of some Functionalized and Fused N & O-Heterocycles Khan, N. 2016
TH-42 Arylglyoxal and Isatin based Multicomponent Reactions for the Construction of Five Membered Heterocyclic Compounds Karamthulla, S. 2016
TH-43 Ring Opening Polymerization of Lactide using Group 4 Metal Complexes containing BI-, TRI- and Tetradentate Scaffolds Roymuhury, S. K. 2016
TH-44 Group 4 Complexes bearing Half-Salen, Salen, Salan and Salphen Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Polymerization Studies Mandal, M. 2016
TH-54 Construction of DNA-Organic Hybrid Supramolecular Nanostructures and Interaction of DNA with Synthetic Kumari, R. 2016
TH-60 Gas-Phase Intermolecular Complexes and Hydrogen Abstraction Reaction Kinetics Begum, S. 2017
TH-62 Photophysics of Drug Molecule and Biologically Active Fluorophores in Bio-Mimetic Organized Assemblies Maity, B. 2017
TH-73 Syntheses, Characterizations and Applications of Triptycene Based Polymers Mondal, S. 2017
TH-80 Pyrazine based Organic-Organometallic Molecules_Supramolecular Chemistry and their Cytotoxicity Bhowmick, S. 2018
TH-86 DNA-Conjugated Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Various Biomedical Applications and Nanoparticle Assisted DNA Damage Detection Singh, S. M. 2018
TH-96 Mechanistic Study of Repair of Clustered DNA Damage Lesions and Biosensing of G-Quadruplex Kumari, B. 2018
TH-97 Supramolecular Interaction of Biologically Active Molecules with Cucurbit [n]Urils (n = 7, 8) and Pluronic Micelles Ahmed, S. A. 2018
TH-98 Self-Assembly and Supramolecular Chemistry of Pyrazine based Flexible and Rigid Tectons Jana, A. 2018
TH-107 Oxidative Functionalization of ArylHeteroaryl Benzylic C(Sp3)-H Bonds- En Route Synthesis of Functionalized Organic Molecules Kumar, Y. 2019
TH-113 Exploration of 1,3-Binucleophiles in Multicomponent Reactions- Construction of Five & Six Membered Fused Heterocycles Mishra, R. 2019
TH-122 Triptycene Based Porous Organic Polymers-Synthesis, Characterization and Applications Bera, R. 2019


Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-01 On Duality in Nonlinear Optimization Problems under Crisp and Fuzzy Environment Dangar, Debasis 2013
TH-04 Semi-equivelar Maps and D-covered Triangulations of Surfaces Tiwari, A.K. 2013
TH-09 Some Problems of Estimation under Censored Data Rastogi, M.K. 2014
TH-20 A Study of Cycles and Maps on Surfaces Maity, D. 2015
TH-40 Some Direct and Inverse Problems for the Generalized Sumsets Mistri, R. K. 2016
TH-47 Controllability and Feedback Control Problems for Linear Time-Invariant Descriptor Systems Mishra, V. K. 2016
TH-53 Controllability Analysis for Infinite-Dimensional Semilinear Systems Kumar, S. 2016
TH-55 Observer Design for Irregular Descriptor Systems Gupta, M. K. 2016
TH-56 A Contribution to Life Testing Experiments with Lognormal and Inverse Weibull Distributions Singh, S. 2016
TH-63 Decision Making with Uncertainty-Based Information using Fuzzy Linguistic Approach Dutta, B. 2017
TH-69 Modeling and Numerics for Arbitrage-Free Option Pricing using Bernstein Polynomial Basis Kundu, A. 2017
TH-74 Mathematical Formalism to Some Decision Making Problems under Imprecise Environment Das, S. 2017
TH-76 Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics- Analysis and Optimal Control Kumar, A. 2017
TH-84 Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Infectious Diseases- Impact of Information and Treatment Yadav, A. 2018
TH-101 Construction and Analysis of Binary Z-Complementary Sequence Pairs Adhikary, A. R. 2019
TH-105 Some Contributions to Kumaraswamy and Generalized Half-Normal Distributions in Life Testing Experiments Sultana, F. 2019
TH-106 Statistical Inference and Optimal Plans Under Hybrid Censoring Scheme Sen, T. 2019
TH-115 Maximal Asymptotic Density of Sets Avoiding Differences from a Fixed Set Srivastava, A. 2018
TH-119 On Some Statistical Inference Problems Under Different Censoring Schemes for Some Distributions with Bath-Tub Shaped Hazard Rate Kaya, T. 2019
TH-132 Some Problems of Estimation and Prediction under Progressive Censoring Maurya, R. K. 2019
TH-143 Generalizations of Armendariz Rings Singh, S. 2019

Mechanical Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-07 Characterization of Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Dielectric Elastomes for Actuator Applications Sahu, R.K. 2014
TH-08 Modeling of Inelastic Effect in Hyperelastic Materials: Applications to A Few Deformation Families Tauheed, F. 2014
TH-19 Two-Phase Flow Investigations in Various Microchannel Configurations Prajapati, Y.K. 2015
TH-22 Numerical Simulation of Crack Growth in Homogenous and BI-Materials by EFGM and XFEM Pathak, H. 2015
TH-29 Modeling and Optimization of Bone Drilling Process for Orthopaedic Surgical Applications Pandey, R. K. 2015
TH-37 Modeling of Micro Drilling Process considering Scaling Effects Anand, R. S. 2016
TH-38 Natural Convection of Viscoplastic Fluids in an Enclosure Hassan, M. 2016
TH-45 Sensor Based Real Time Tool Wear Monitoring and Compensation in Reverse Micro-EDM and Micro-EDM-Drilling Nirala, C. K. 2016
TH-50 Sharp Interface Immersed Boundary Method with Improved Mass Conservation for Simulation of Moving Boundry Kumar, M. 2016
TH-66 Investigations on Microchannel Fabrication on Polymethyl Methacrylate (Pmma) With a Low Power Co2 Laser Prakash, S. 2017
TH-72 Analyses of Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Process Mandal, S. 2017
TH-82 Burst Behaviour of Hydrided Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tube under Postulated Loca Conditions Suman, S. 2018
TH-109 Automated Segregation of Recyclables from Solid Waste Stream Using Thermal Imaging Technique Gundupalli, S. P. 2019
TH-111 Surface Texturing of Ti-6AI-4V Using Mechanical Micro-Fabrication Techniques for Wettability and Bio-Tribology Enhancements Pratap, T. 2019
TH-125 Effect of Damage on the Dynamics of an Incompressible Isotropic Cylindrical Tube Arya, K. 2019
TH-126 Mathematical Modeling Of Smart Materials-A Continuum Mechanics Approach Kumar, D. 2019
TH-128 Pool Boiling Of Foaming Solutions For Earth and Reduced Gravity Heat Transfer Applications Raza, Md. Q. 2019
TH-129 Trajectory Planning for Underwater Anguilliform-Inspired Robots Operating in Presence of Ambient Flow Raj, A. 2019
TH-130 An Investigation of Fatigue and Fracture Behaviour of Thermo-Mechanically Processed Aluminium Alloy 5754 (Aa 5754) Kumar, P. 2019
TH-137 Suppression of Two-Phase Instabilities in Microchannel Heat Sinks via Adaptive Vapor Venting Ghosh, D. P. 2019
TH-141 Evolution of Surface Topography Parameters for Tribological Components under Rolling and Sliding Motion Prajapati, D. K. 2019

Electrical Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-12 Printed Curved Antennas for Wideband and Multiband Wireless Communication Verma, S. 2014
TH-13 Integration of Distributed Generation to Improve the Power System Performance under Deregulated Environment Singh, A.K. 2014
TH-15 Design and Characterization of Micro-Ring Resonator based Devices for Fibre Optic Transmission Systems Bhowmik, B.B. 2015
TH-21 Wireless Multicarrier Communications with Carrier Interferometry Codes and Iterative Receiver Mukherjee, M. 2015
TH-26 Intelligent Technique for Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor using Multi Scale Entropy Verma, A. K. 2015
TH-34 New Two Degree of Freedom Control Schemes for Integrating and Unstable Processes with Time Delay Ajmeri, M. 2016
TH-46 Improved Filtering for Nonlinear Systems with Non-Delayed and Delayed Measurements Singh, A. K. 2016
TH-57 Multicarrier Schemes for Efficient Underwater Acoustic Communications Kumar, P. 2016
TH-58 High Performance Five Phase Induction Motor Drive using Two Level and Three Level Inverter Payami, S. 2016
TH-65 Efficient Key Generation Algorithms and Architectures for Cryptography Applications Pandian, K. K. S. 2017
TH-67 Improved State Estimation Based on Cubature Rule of Integration Swati 2017
TH-68 Tunable, Switchable and Recon_gurable RF Microstrip Filters with Bandwidth Control and Widestopband Kumar, N. 2017
TH-70 Limited Feedback Scheduling Schemes for MIMO Broadcast Channels Pattanayak, P. 2017
TH-77 Design and Operation Strategies for IP-OVER-WDM Networks with Awareness of Cost and Energy Efficiency Dey, S. K. 2017
TH-78 CORDIC-based Reconfigurable VLSI Architectures for Wireless Communication Systems Kumar, V. 2017
TH-81 Enhanced Cascade Control Strategies for Unstable and Integrating Processes Raja, G. L. 2018
TH-83 Blind Parameter Estimation and Synchronization for Future Wireless Communication Systems Kumar, M. 2018
TH-88 Development and Hardware Prototype of an Efficient Method for Handheld Arrhythmia Monitoring Device Raj, S. 2018
TH-103 Integration of Electric Vehicles to Existing Networks and Their Impacts Ahmad, Md. S. 2019
TH-116 Nonlinear Filtering-Extensions and Application to Target Tracking Problems Radhakrishnan, R. 2018
TH-131 Electrocardiogram Data Compression Schemes with Validation by using Cardiac Arrhythmia Jha, C. K. 2019
TH-133 Design and Analysis of Silicon Photonic Switches and Modulators Using Pin Diode and Junction-Less Structures Pal, S. 2019
TH-134 Weak Signal Detection Using Stochastic Resonance, Fractional Operator & Neural Network in Neyman-Pearson Framework Kumar, S. 2019
TH-136 Analysis of Multicarrier Schemes for Integrated and Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Broadcast System Agarwal, A. 2019
TH-139 Design and Implementation of Low PAPR and Variable Rate Multicarrier Baseband Architecture Palisetty, R. 2019

Computer Science and Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-06 Secure Routing Techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks Maqtam, R. 2014
TH-14 On Boundary Detection and Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Shukla, S. 2014
TH-23 Opportunistic Routing Protocols for Infrastructure-Less Wireless Networks Mazumdar, A. P. 2015
TH-28 On Broadcasting and Geographical Routing in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Das, D. 2015
TH-49 Semi-Supervised Clustering in Multiobjective Optimization Framework Alok, A. K. 2016
TH-51 Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks using IP Traceback Saurabh, S. 2016
TH-52 Defending Against Network and Application Level Denial of Service Attacks Roy, S. 2016
TH-59 Evolutionary Approach for Entity Extraction and Anaphora Resolution Sikdar, U. 2016
TH-75 Development and Analysis of Entity Matching Techniques using Evolutionary Algorithms Mishra, S. 2017
TH-89 Distributed PCID Assignment & Resource Allocation in 5G Femtocellular Networks Pratap, A. 2018
TH-92 On Designing Obfuscation Based Usable Authentication Techniques Chakraborty, N. 2018
TH-93 Multi-Objective Clustering Frameworks for Solving Real-Life Problems of Diverse Domains Acharya, S. 2018
TH-100 Design and Analysis of Techniques for Secure Storage Services Nayak, S. K. 2019
TH-120 Intelligent Scheduling Algorithms for Energy Optimization in Smart Grid Chakraborty, N. 2019
TH-127 Semantics-based Dependency Analysis of Database Applications by Abstract Interpretation Jana, A. 2019
TH-135 Text Mining in Biomedical and Healthcare Domains Shweta 2019
TH-140 Explorations in Metric Learning with Applications to Clustering and Classification Sanodiya, R. K. 2019
TH-142 Investigations in Aspect based Sentiment Analysis Akhtar, Md. S. 2019
TH-144 Resource Augmentation and Performance Improvement in Machine Translation Banik, D. 2019

Humanities and Social Science

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-03 Comples Predicate in Magahi Nilu 2013
TH-25 Trade Policy Reforms: A case study of Trade Liberalization in India (1990-2010) Sinha, P. 2015
TH-33 Aspects of Magahi syntax Atreya, L. 2016
TH-35 Representation of Indian Women in Select Dalit and Diasporic Narratives Pooja 2016
TH-36 English of India: A Sociolinguistic Study Singh, S. 2016
TH-39 Business Cycles in India: Anatomy and Dynamics Rajesh, R. 2016
TH-71 Health Experiences of Migrant Workers- A Study from Dalsinghsarai (Samastipur), Bihar Kumar, M. 2017
TH-95 Health and Culture Nexus among Female Adolescents of Oraon Tribes in Jharkhand, India Nayak, K. V. 2018
TH-108 Body in Graphic Ecriture Feminine- Revisiting the Registration of Trauma in Selected American Illustrations Bhattacharjee, P. 2019
TH-123 James Joyce and Franz Kafka as Anti-novelists-A Postmodern Reading Reyaz, A. 2019
TH-138 Fostering Learner Autonomy and Developing Speaking Skills among High School esl Learners in India Ghazal, S. 2019

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-31 Development and Properties of Novel Nanostructured Thermoplastic Elastomeric Blends based on Fluoroelastomer Banerjee, S. S. 2016
TH-48 Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Nanolamellar Lactone based Triblocks and their Kashyapi, N. 2016
TH-94 Process Structure Property Correlations in Lanthana and Zirconia Doped Ceria Nanoparticles Singh, K. 2018
TH-110 Unique Approach for Preferentially Fixing Nanofillers in the Phase of Incompatible Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber (XNBR) Satyanarayana, M. S. 2019
TH-114 Role of WC and CNT Reinforcements in Processing and Characterization of TIC Based Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Composites Sribalaji, M. 2018

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-91 Development of Hybrid Bioleaching Process for Recovery of Metals from Electronic Waste Anshupriya 2018
TH-117 Development of Prefabricated Bamboo Reinforced Fly Ash Replaced Green Mortar Wall Panels Puri, V. 2019

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-121 Potential of Advanced Oxidation Processes for Degradation of Organic Pollutants Present in Various Aqueous Matrices Verma, P. 2019