Computer Science and Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-40 Computer Aided Lung Nodule Detection using Two Level Machine Learning Algorithm Singh, A. 2015
DI-41 Analysing Dynamics of Interacting Multiplex Networks Sarkar, S. 2015
DI-42 Evolutionary Optimization and Supervised Lexical Acquisition for Bio-text Mining Jadhav, A.M. 2015
DI-43 Detection of Trustworthiness Information and Adverse Drug Reaction from Social Media Data Prasad, R. 2015
DI-44 Data Centric Refinement of Information Flow Analysis of Database Application Alam, I. 2015
DI-45 Designing of Variable Length Block Cipher Saroj, K. 2015
DI-46 Data Refinement on Abstraction based Approach Koshley, D.K. 2015
DI-47 Development of Constraint based Role Mining Technique. Verma, V. 2015
DI-48 Single and Multi Objective Differential Evolution based Clustering Techniques Singh, V. 2015
DI-49 Push based User Selection in Mobile Crowdsensingh Singh, R. 2015
DI-50 Graph Coloring Algorithm on Pregel Model using Hadoop Gandhi, N.M. 2015
DI-51 Secure Multicast Data Transmission Technique for Internet of Things Basu, S.S. 2015
DI-91 Dynamic taint analysis for imperative programming using K-Semantics Goswami, H. 2016
DI-92 Available Bandwidth Estimation Kunal, N. K. 2016
DI-93 Time Synchronization in Duty Cycled Sensor Networks Sharma, R. 2016
DI-118 Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Email Classification Tewari, V. 2016
DI-119 Novel Density- based Spatial Clustering Algorithm Das, S. 2016
DI-120 Building Tempo- HindiWordNet(THWn): A Temporal Resource for Hindi Pawar, D. R.. 2016
DI-121 Analysis and Development of Usable Secure Password- based Authentication Techniques Maheshwari, A. 2016
DI-122 Optimal Preemptive Scheduling of Real- Time Control Task using Variable Time Period(VTP) Vyas, J. 2016
DI-123 GIS Polygon Overlay Computing via R-Tree on Mapreduce for Spatial Big Data Kumar, A. 2016
DI-124 Greedy Online Buffering of Accommodating Packet Sequence Kumari, P. 2016
DI-125 Privacy Preserving Technique for Smart Metering System Jha, B. K. 2016
DI-126 Expert Detection in Community Question Answer Forums Bhanu, M. 2016
DI-127 Synthesis and Characterisation of Lanthanum Zirconate(LZ) Ceramic for Advanced Technological Applications Kumar, R. 2016

Mechanical Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-39 Analytical Study of Hydraulic Engine Mounting System Sinha, S. 2015
DI-96 Thermo-Hydraulic Performance of Solar Air Heater with Absorber Plate having Novel Hyperbolic Ribs Thakur, D. S. 2016

Electrical Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-25 Outage Performance of Multi Carrier Cooperative Relaying over Fading Channels Gupta, A. 2015
DI-26 L-Band Gaas mmic Power Amplifier Designer Lakhani, A.N. 2015
DI-27 Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Diversity Schemes Over Fading Channels Kumar, M. 2015
DI-28 Test Bed Implementation of a Nowel approach of Blind Modulation Classification. Gupta, R. 2015
DI-29 Gallbladder Cancer-Diagnosis and Treatment Chandra, N. 2015
DI-30 Variable Rate Schemes for Wireless Applications   2015
DI-31 Mitigation of Optical Fiber Induced Impairments for 100gbps Dual Polarization QPSK System using Electronic Signal Processing Narayana, S. 2015
DI-32 Sc FDMA Scheme for Wireless Communication Sagar, V. 2015
DI-33 Improvement in Image Enhancement using Fractional Derivative Techniques Suman, S. 2015
DI-34 Farfield based Abnormal Human Activity Detection using Spatio Temporal Interest Points Keshav, N. 2015
DI-35 Energy Aware Device Placement and Traffic Routing for Wireless Optical Broadband Access Networks Kumar, A. 2015
DI-36 Performance Studies of MIMO Communication System Pandey, D. 2015
DI-37 Test Bed Implementation of Blind Wireless Receiver(BWR) for Single Carrier Systems Praksah, B.J. 2015
DI-38 Blind Symbol Timing Offset Estimation for OQPSK Modulated Signals Kumar, S. 2015
DI-86 Matching Networks for RF Power Amplifier Parate, B. 2016
DI-87 Performance Evaluation of Cooperative OFDM Wireless Networks over Fading Channels Dwivedi, K. 2016
DI-88 Relay Assisted Free Space Optical Communication Yenumula, K. K. 2016
DI-89 Studies of Few Mode Fiber for Space Division Multiplexing Patel, N. 2016
DI-90 EEG Signal based Epileptic Seizure Detection using Support Vector Machine Classsifier Pal, O. P. 2016
DI-105 Blind Parameter Estimating Receiver for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems Chowdhury, M. R 2016
DI-106 Detection of Fence Climbing using Activity Recognition by Support Vector Machine Classifier Bharti, N. 2016
DI-107 Video Stabilization using Feature Point Tracking with Classified Feature Points Singh, C. K. 2016
DI-108 Microcalcification Detection in Mammographic Images Agarwal, A. 2016
DI-109 Single Carrier FDMA Scheme for Wireless Communication Sinha, M. K. 2016
DI-128 ECG Compression Techniques based on DCT and DWT Motinath, V. A. 2016
DI-129 Numerical study on Mixing in Micro Channels with Different Cross-Sectional Geometries Kumar, U. 2016
DI-130 New Tuning Rules for Fractional Order PI-PD Controller Singh, A 2016
DI-131 Heat Transfer Characteristics of Paraffin with Nanoparticles during Charging and Discharging Cycle Shankar, G. S. 2016
DI-132 Surfactant Aided Bubble Departure during Pool Boiling on Upward and Vertical Facing Heater Orientations Kumar, N. 2016
DI-133 Numerical Simulation of Continuous Casting with Different Mould Shapes using Immersed Boundary Method Bhole, S. A. 2016
DI-134 Low Reynolds Number Flow Simulation over Moving Airfoils Prabhakar 2016
DI-135 Prediction of Dynamic Stall over Oscillating Airfoils and its Control through Inflow Perturbation Kishore, K. 2016
DI-136 Development and Fabrication of Booklet Scanning System Singh, V. 2016

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-97 Behaviour of Ballast under Static Load using Finite Element Method Indramohan 2016
DI-98 Effects of Ground Motion Duration and Scaling Methods on Seismic Response of Tall Structures Pandey, P. 2016
DI-99 Seismic Retrofitting Strategies for Soft Ground Storied Building Pasi, J. 2016
DI-100 Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of High-Rise Buildings in Patna for Future Earthquakes Sriwastav, R. K. 2016
DI-101 Optimization of Fly Ash in Prefabricated Green Wall Panel Anand, S 2016
DI-102 Study of Traffic Congestion at a Culvert Section Located near Bihta Chowk Ravishek 2016
DI-103 Effect of Methyl Parathion on Growth and Reproduction of Eisenia Fetida in Natural Soil Nath, A. 2016
DI-104 Geotechnical Zonation of Jaipur City Kumar, U. 2016


Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-1 Comparitive Study of Denial of Service Attack in Wireless Network Gaurav, V. 2014
DI-2 Electrical and Optical Properties of Modified Cobalt and Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles Pahari, L.K. 2014
DI-3 Design and Planning of Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Autonomous Human Following Yadav, S. 2014
DI-4 Fuzzy Optimization Based Asset Liability Management Chaudhury, R. 2014
DI-5 Design and Development of Electric Double Layer Super Capacitors and its Applications Upadhyay, D.C. 2014
DI-6 Oxide Heterostructures for Solar Cell Applications Kumar, A. 2014
DI-8 Impedance and Ferroelectric Properties on Polymer(PVDF)-Ceramic Nanocomposites Goswami, A.M. 2014
DI-9 Unsuperwised Graph Based Video Object Extraction Gupta, K. 2014
DI-10 Quantum dot-dna Conjugates for Potential Applications in Photodynamic Theraphy Chakraborty, A. 2014
DI-11 Synthesis and Characterization of cu-en-eds Nanocrystals: Application in Solar Cell Kumar, Y. 2014
DI-17 Febrication of Grating Structure by Interference Lithography Technique Pandey, R. 2014
DI-18 Fabrication and Characterization of Complex Oxide Thin Film Deposited by Pulse Laser Deposition Kumar, N. 2014
DI-21 Fabrication of Pentacene based Organic Field Effect Transistor Pandey, M. 2014
DI-22 Multi Objective Optimization and Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition for Information Extraction Govind 2014
DI-23 Exploration in Portfolio Optimization using AMOSA and Other Modern Computational Techniques Sen, T. 2014
DI-24 Semiconductor Process Optimization and Integration for the Elimination of Deep Trech Isolation Crack Issue in High Voltage Devices Ghosh, S. 2014
DI-52 Synthesis and Characterization of Triptyscene based Dendrimers Jaiswal, A.K. 2015
DI-53 Tuning of Magnetic and Electrical Properties in Complex Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition Chouhan, A.S. 2015
DI-54 Hierarchically Nanostructured Tin Sulfide as an Electrode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors Leuaa, P.K. 2015
DI-55 Synthesis and Characterization of Efficient Nanoplasmonic Antennas for Improving the Sensitivity of a Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensor Chatterjee, S. 2015
DI-56 Enhancement of Roman Scattering Signal using Localized Surface Plasmons and Photonic Nanojet of an Optical Microsphere Das, G.M. 2015
DI-57 Design and Synthesis of Nanocatalyst for Photocatalytic Decomposition of Organic Dye Sahu, M. 2015
DI-58 DNA Guided Assembly for the Rational Design of Nanoscale Building Blocks Singh, S.K. 2015
DI-59 Dielectric and Magneto Electric Coupling Studies on CFO-PZT Nano Composite Pradhan, L.K. 2015


Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-60 Design and Fabrication of Automatic Booklet Scanning Machine Parmar, P.A. 2015
DI-61 Design and Analysis of Micro Hydro Turbine Parmar, K. 2015
DI-62 Image Guided Automated Non-Prehensile Magnetic Micro Manipulation of Cells Das, A. 2015
DI-63 Tool Condition Monitoring in Micro Mechanical Drilling Ranjan, J. 2015
DI-64 Implementation of Descriptor Observer Design Approach to Synchronize Chaotic Systems for Secure Communication Chandra, S. 2015
DI-65 Modeling and Analysis of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing for Whirl Instability Krishnan, G. 2015
DI-66 Dynamic Response and Stability of Railway Vehicle Depending upon Contact Forces and Displacement at Wheel Rail Contact Laha, A. 2015
DI-94 Dome Shape Dielectric Elastomer Diaphragm for Valveless Micropump Application Saini, A. 2016
DI-95 Development of a Data Acquisition Unit for Temperature Monitor and Control during Pool Boiling Application Kumari, G. 2016
DI-137 Frequency Dependent Dielectric Behavior of Elastomers for Energy Harvesting Applications Kumar, A. 2016

Mathematics and Computing

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-7 Estimation for Some Reliabibilty Models Under Censoring Dabral, N. 2014
DI-12 Estimation for An Inverse Gaussian Distribution under Type-1 Censoring Singh, D.P. 2014
DI-13 Detecting and Mitigation Application-Level Distributed Denial of Service Attack using Clustering Technique Dwivedi, S.K. 2014
DI-15 Multi Objective Optimization for Clustering of Medical Publications Ravikumar,K. 2014
DI-19 Text Mining for Temporal Search and Sentiment Analysis Gupta, D. 2014
DI-67 Mathematical Models in Advertising Kumar, U. 2015
DI-68 Some Results in Quantum Information Theory Chakraborty, D. 2015
DI-69 Parameter Estimation for a Burr Distribution using Progressive Censoring Maurya, R.K. 2015
DI-70 Estimation for Lognormally Distributed Step Stress Model with type-II Censoring Mahto, A.K. 2015
DI-71 Soft Computing Techniques for Gene Expression Data Analysis and Micro Crack Detection of Photovoltaic Baishnab, S. 2015
DI-72 Sentiment Mining using Machine Learning Optimization Khan, A. 2015
DI-73 Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Disease Mention Recognition Tiwari, S. 2015
DI-74 Improved Algorithms for Active Learning Jha, M.K. 2015
DI-75 Multi Objective based Automatic Techniques for Detecting Cancer Biomarkers Yadav, R.K. 2015
DI-76 Supervised Approach for Aspect based Sentiment Analysis and Query Word Labelling Gupta, D.K. 2015
DI-77 Receiver Design and Performance Analysis of Quasi-Asynchronous MC-CDMA by using QCSS Code Samad, A. 2016
DI-78 Statistical Inference in Discrete Versions of Continuous Probability Distributions Chandrakant 2016
DI-79 Advanced Predictive Modeling on Real Data by Modern Imputation Techniques Ali, D. 2016
DI-80 Receiver Design and Performance Analysis of Quasi-Asynchronous SC-FDMA-CDMA System using QCSS Code Singh, S. 2016
DI-117 Multi Objective based Approaches for Evidence based Medicine Gene Expression Data and Structured Scholarly Data Sahoo, P. 2016

Nanoscience and Technology

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-110 Nanostructured Oxide Thermoelectric Material Singh, V. 2016
DI-111 2D Material (Graphene)/ Perovskite (LSMO) Hybrid Sonu 2016
DI-112 YBCO-LSMO Heterostructure Sahu, U. 2016
DI-113 Fabrication and Characterization of Pentacene Based Organic Electronic Devices Singh, A. R. 2016
DI-114 Oxide Heterostructures for Device Applications Ranjan, N. 2016
DI-115 Enhancement of Raman Scattering Signal of Single Molecule using Photonic Nanojet Mediated Surface Enhanced Raman Scatter Ringne, A. B. 2016
DI-116 Enhancement of Fluorescence Intensity of Molecules using Nanoplasmonic and Photonic Devices Tagore, A. K 2016

Materials Science and Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
DI-14 Energy Harvesting using Dielectric Elastomer Singh, N.K. 2014
DI-16 Multi Sensor based Intelligent Tool Condition Monitoring in Mechanical Micro-Drilling Jha, A.K. 2014
DI-20 Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Planning of Bio-Inspired Quadruped Robot Mishra, A.K. 2014
DI-81 Fabrication of Alumina-yittria Stabilized Zirconia Composite by Slip Casting Method for Wear Resistant Applications Kumar, A. 2016
DI-82 Study the Effect of Annealing on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Strontium Hexaferrite Kumar, N. 2016
DI-83 Fabrication of Al2O3-ZrO2-TiB2 Wear Resistant Ceramic Composites for Bowl Mill Roll Application Gupta, R. K. 2016
DI-84 Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene and Graphene based Nanocomposites Sudhanshhu 2016
DI-85 Development of Corrosion Resistant Hydrophobic Coating on 304 Stainless Steel Dixit, Y. 2016