{slide=Q How can an outsider access the library?.|closed}

A. An individual with proper authorization letter from his/her organization/supervisor can apply to access the library for a certain period of time e.g. one week. Individual has to apply to The Library Coordinator.{/slides}

{slide=Q How can I know the availability of books in the library?.|closed}

A. Using Online Catalogue (WEB-OPAC) one can know the availability of books in the library. Else user can seek help from the Library Desk.{/slides}

{slide=Q How can I search the WEBOPAC?|closed}

A. Through ‘Simple’ and ‘Advanced’ search interface one can search the online catalogue (WEBOPAC). Please experience online catalogue here{/slides}

{slide=Q How can I recognize Reserve book and Text book?|closed}

A. Reserve books are marked ‘R’ in the spine of the book along with call number. And also stamped “RESERVED” on the fore edge of the book.{/slides}

{slide=Q How long I can keep borrowed books?|closed}


No. of Books can Borrowed

Duration of Loan



Whole Semester

  Research Scholar


45 Days

  PG Students (M. Tech/M. Sc.)


45 Days

  UG Students (B.Tech)


45 Days



30 Days

  Others (Project Staff)


30 Days


{slide=Q How can I renew issued books?|closed}

A. On the due date/completion of loan period individual has to bring the book to the library to renew them. User can renew by their own using the library kiosk or they can do it at the library desk.{/slides}

{slide=Q What is the procedure if I lost borrowed books?|closed}

A. Lost book should be replaced with new book or old book in good condition.{/slides}

{slide=Q How do I access the E-Resources?|closed}

A. Access to the E-Resources is prohibited outside the campus. To access the E-Resources, log in to https://elibrary.iitp.ac.in or visit Central Library for more information.{/slides}

{slide=Q I am still confused whom to contact?|closed}

A. If you are not satisfied please contact to Library Desk.{/slides}

{slide=Q What is Call Number? How can I locate a book using Call Number?|closed}

A. Central Library IIT Patna using DDC Classification scheme. This scheme organized books by subject so that all books from same subject can be organized in same place and make easy to retrieve the book on shelves. 

Each book has given a unique call number according to DDC Classification scheme and books arranged over the shelves by Call Number.

Call Number: its represent subject of book and location of the book on shelf.{/slides}

{slide=Q What to do if a book is not on the shelf?|closed}

A. If book is not in expected location on shelf and also not borrowed (check out) then you may request for search to library staff. Please make sure to have author of book, title and call number. {/slides}