The IIT Patna library vision is to earn an international reputation by intense and sustainable focus on collecting, preserving and distributing the knowledge for teaching and cutting edge research. It will be developed as a state-of-the-art research library to encourage the researchers for pursuing their research towards the need of society today. IIT Patna library will create memorable and stunning environment where people will be encouraged to breathe life into the aspirations. Our vision is to become a leader in imagining, creating, facilitating and realizing the promise of the academic & industrial research and teaching. It will create a collaborative collection with other leading libraries to have a hub of digital based knowledge.


  •  Best facilitated library
  •  Deliver right information at right time in right manner
  •  Responsive support service to faculty, students and staff with its skilled, team oriented and   qualified staff.
  •  Create a forward thinking, dynamic organization that is responsive and flexible in order to achieve its goals and objectives.
  •  Continue to improve the library’s effectiveness through systematic, ongoing outcome assessment.