Alphabetical List of Online Core Journals subscribed by the Central Library, IIT Patna                     


1 Sound: Its Uses and Control AIP
2 Structural Dynamics AIP
3 Surface Science Spectra AIP
4 Sociology Annual Reviews
5 Statistics and Its Application Annual Reviews
6 Software & Microsystems IEEE
7 Students' Quarterly Journal IEEE
8 Science and Technology of Advanced Materials IOP
9 Smart Materials & Structure IOP
10 Superconductor Science and Technology IOP
11 Spotlight on Optics OSA
12 Social Forces OUP
13 Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society OUP
14 Social Science Japan Journal OUP
15 Social Work Research OUP
16 Social Work OUP
17 Socio-Economic Review OUP
18 Sociology of Religion OUP
19 SA Journal of Industrial Psychology PQJ(SSC)
20 The SAIS Review of International Affair PQJ(SSC)
21 Safer Communities PQJ(SSC)
22 Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health PQJ(SSC)
23 Science & Society PQJ(SSC)
24 Scrutiny PQJ(SSC)
25 Second Language Research PQJ(SSC)
26 Sex Roles PQJ(SSC)
27 Sexuality & Culture PQJ(SSC)
28 Sexuality Research & Social Policy PQJ(SSC)
29 Sleep and Breathing PQJ(SSC)
30 Smith College Studies in Social Work PQJ(SSC)
31 Social Alternatives PQJ(SSC)
32 Social Analysis PQJ(SSC)
33 Social Care and Neurodisability PQJ(SSC)
34 Social Choice and Welfare PQJ(SSC)
35 Social Cognition PQJ(SSC)
36 Social Enterprise Journal PQJ(SSC)
37 Social Forces PQJ(SSC)
38 Social Geography PQJ(SSC)
39 Social Indicators Research PQJ(SSC)
40 Social Justice PQJ(SSC)
41 Social Policy and Society PQJ(SSC)
42 Social Psychology Quarterly PQJ(SSC)
43 Social Research PQJ(SSC)
44 Social Research Update PQJ(SSC)
45 Social Responsibility Journal PQJ(SSC)
46 Social Scientist PQJ(SSC)
47 Social Security Bulletin PQJ(SSC)
48 Social Theory and Practice PQJ(SSC)
49 Social Thought and Research PQJ(SSC)
50 Social Work PQJ(SSC)
51 Social Work Abstracts PQJ(SSC)
52 Social Work Research PQJ(SSC)
53 Social Work and Christianity PQJ(SSC)
54 Social and Economic Studies PQJ(SSC)
55 Society PQJ(SSC)
56 Society and Business Review PQJ(SSC)
57 Society and Economy PQJ(SSC)
58 Sociolinguistic Studies PQJ(SSC)
59 Sociological Focus PQJ(SSC)
60 Sociological Origins PQJ(SSC)
61 Sociological Perspectives PQJ(SSC)
62 Sociological Quarterly PQJ(SSC)
63 Sociological Viewpoints PQJ(SSC)
64 Sociology of Education PQJ(SSC)
65 Sociology of Religion PQJ(SSC)
66 Southeast Asian Affairs PQJ(SSC)
67 Southern Economic Journal PQJ(SSC)
68 Southern Quarterly PQJ(SSC)
69 Southern Rural Sociology PQJ(SSC)
70 The Spanish Journal of Psychology PQJ(SSC)
71 Spectrum PQJ(SSC)
72 Stanford Social Innovation Review PQJ(SSC)
73 Stephan Mueller Special Publication Series PQJ(SSC)
74 Strategic Review for Southern Africa PQJ(SSC)
75 Studies in Comparative International Development PQJ(SSC)
76 Studies in East European Thought PQJ(SSC)
77 Studies in Social Justice PQJ(SSC)
78 Studies on Russian Economic Development PQJ(SSC)
79 Suicide & Life - Threatening Behavior PQJ(SSC)
80 Supportive Care in Cancer PQJ(SSC)
81 Surveillance & Society PQJ(SSC)
82 Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy PQJ(SSC)
83 Soft Matter RSC
84 Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal SAGE
85 Second Language Research SAGE
86 Sociology of Education SAGE
87 South Asia Economic Journal SAGE
88 South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance SAGE
89 Safety Science Elsevier
90 Science & Justics Elsevier
91 Science of Computer Programming Elsevier
92 Sealing Technology Elsevier
93 Sensors and Actuators A: Physical Elsevier
94 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Elsevier
95 Signal Processing Elsevier
96 Signal Processing: Image Communication Elsevier
97 Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory Elsevier
98 Simulation Practice and Theory Elsevier
99 Soil and Tillage Research Elsevier
100 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Elsevier
101 Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells Elsevier
102 Solar Energy Elsevier
103 Solid State Communications Elsevier
104 Solid State Ionics Elsevier
105 Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Elsevier
106 Solid State Sciences Elsevier
107 Solid-State Electronics Elsevier
108 Space Research Today Elsevier
109 Spatial Statistics Elsevier
110 Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular & Biomolecular Spectroscopy Elsevier
111 Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy Elsevier
112 Speech Communication Elsevier
113 Structural Safety Elsevier
114 Superlattices and Microstructures Elsevier
115 Surface and Coatings Technology Elsevier
116 Surface Science Reports Elsevier
117 Surface Science Elsevier
118 Sustainable Cities and Society Elsevier
119 Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems Elsevier
120 Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessment Elsevier
121 Swarm and Evolutionary Computation Elsevier
122 Synthetic Metals Elsevier
123 Systems & Control Letters Elsevier
124 Systems Engineering - Theory & Practice Elsevier
125 Systems Engineering Procedia Elsevier
126 SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems SIAM
127 SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics SIAM
128 SIAM Journal on Computing SIAM
129 SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization SIAM
130 SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics SIAM
131 SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics SIAM
132 SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences SIAM
133 SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis SIAM
134 SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications SIAM
135 SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis SIAM
136 SIAM Journal on Optimization SIAM
137 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing SIAM
138 SIAM Review SIAM
139 SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification SIAM
140 Sadhana Springer
141 Sankhya A Springer
142 Sankhya B Springer
143 School Mental Health Springer
144 Science & Education Springer
145 Science and Engineering Ethics Springer
146 Science China Chemistry Springer
147 Science China Earth Sciences Springer
148 Science China Information Sciences Springer
149 Science China Life Sciences Springer
150 Science China Mathematics Springer
151 Science China Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy Springer
152 Science China Technological Sciences Springer
153 Scientific and Technical Information Processing Springer
154 Scientometrics Springer
155 Security Informatics Springer
156 Seismic Instruments Springer
157 Selecta Mathematica Springer
158 Semiconductors Springer
159 Semigroup Forum Springer
160 Seminars in Immunopathology Springer
161 Sensing and Imaging: An International Journal Springer
162 SERIEs Springer
163 Service Business Springer
164 Service Oriented Computing and Applications Springer
165 Sex Roles Springer
166 Sexuality & Culture Springer
167 Sexuality and Disability Springer
168 Sexuality Research and Social Policy Springer
169 Shock Waves Springer
170 Siberian Advances in Mathematics Springer
171 Siberian Mathematical Journal Springer
172 Signal, Image and Video Processing Springer
173 Silence Springer
174 Silicon Springer
175 Skeletal Muscle Springer
176 Small Business Economics Springer
177 Small-scale Forestry Springer
178 Social Choice and Welfare Springer
179 Social Indicators Research Springer
180 Social Justice Research Springer
181 Social Psychology of Education Springer
182 Society Springer
183 Soft Computing Springer
184 Software & Systems Modeling Springer
185 Software Quality Journal Springer
186 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Springer
187 Solar Physics Springer
188 Solar System Research Springer
189 Solid Fuel Chemistry Springer
190 Sophia Springer
191 Source Code for Biology and Medicine Springer
192 Sozial Extra Springer
193 Space Science Reviews Springer
194 Sports Engineering Springer
195 Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes Springer
196 Statistical Methods & Applications Springer
197 Statistical Papers Springer
198 Statistics and Computing Springer
199 Statistics in Biosciences Springer
200 Steel in Translation Springer
201 Stem Cell Research & Therapy Springer
202 Stem Cell Reviews and Reports Springer
203 Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment Springer
204 Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations Springer
205 Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation Springer
206 Strength of Materials Springer
207 Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization Springer
208 Structural Chemistry Springer
209 Studia Logica Springer
210 Studies in Comparative International Development Springer
211 Studies in East European Thought Springer
212 Studies in Philosophy and Education Springer
213 Studies on Russian Economic Development Springer
214 Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy Springer
215 Sugar Tech Springer
216 Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry Springer
217 Surveys in Geophysics Springer
218 Sustainability Science Springer
219 Swarm Intelligence Springer
220 Swiss Journal of Geosciences Springer
221 Symbiosis Springer
222 Synthese Springer
223 Systematic Parasitology Springer
224 Systemic Practice and Action Research997) Springer
225 Systems and Synthetic Biology Springer
226 SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS. An Open Access Journal T & F
227 SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research T & F
228 Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research T & F
229 Science and Technology for the Built Environment T & F
230 Separation & Purification Reviews T & F
231 Separation Science and Technology T & F
232 Sequential Analysis: Design Methods and Applications T & F
233 Ships and Offshore Structures T & F
234 Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture T & F
235 Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal T & F
236 Sociological Focus T & F
237 Sociological Research T & F
238 Sociological Spectrum: Mid-South Sociological Association T & F
239 Soft Materials T & F
240 Soil and Sediment Contamination: An International Journal T & F
241 Soil Science and Plant Nutrition T & F
242 Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange T & F
243 South African Family Practice T & F
244 South African Journal of Plant and Soil T & F
245 South African Review of Sociology T & F
246 Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia T & F
247 Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science T & F
248 Spatial Cognition & Computation: An Interdisciplinary Journal T & F
249 Spectroscopy Letters: An International Journal for Rapid Communication T & F
250 Statistics: A Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics T & F
251 Statistics and Public Policy T & F
252 Stochastic Analysis and Applications T & F
253 Stochastic Models T & F
254 Stochastics An International Journal of Probability and Stochastic Processes T & F
255 Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment T & F
256 Structure and Infrastructure Engineering: Maintenance, Management, Life-Cycle Design and Performance T & F
257 Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment T & F
258 Supramolecular Chemistry T & F
259 Synchrotron Radiation News T & F
260 Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic, and Nano-Metal Chemistry T & F
261 Synthetic Communications: An International Journal for Rapid Communication of Synthetic Organic Chemistry T & F
262 Systematics and Biodiversity T & F
263 Systems Science & Control Engineering: An Open Access Journal T & F
264 Synfacts THIEME
265 Synlett THIEME
266 Synthesis THIEME
267 Structural Control and Health Monitoring Wiley
268 Safer Communities (SC) Emerald
269 Sensor Review (SR) Emerald
270 Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (SASBE) Emerald
271 Social Enterprise Journal (SEJ) Emerald
272 Social Responsibility Journal (SRJ) Emerald
273 Society and Business Review (SBR) Emerald
274 Soldering & Surface Mount Technology (SSMT) Emerald
275 South Asian Journal of Global Business Research (SAJGBR) Emerald
276 Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal (SBM) Emerald
277 Strategic Direction (SD) Emerald
278 Strategic HR Review (SHR) Emerald
279 Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal (SO) Emerald
280 Strategy & Leadership (SL) Emerald
281 Structural Survey (SS) Emerald
282 Studies in Economics and Finance)(SEF) Emerald
283 Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (SCM) Emerald
284 Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal (SAMPJ) Emerald
285 Science Science
286 SAARJ Journal on Banking & Insurance Research Indian Journals
287 Siddhant- A Journal of Decision Making Indian Journals
288 SMART Journal of Business Management Studies Indian Journals
289 South Asian Journal of Marketing & Management Research Indian Journals
290 Sumedha Journal of Management Indian Journals
291 Samajbodh Indian Journals
292 Sandharv Indian Journals
293 Shikshan Anveshika Indian Journals
294 Socrates Indian Journals
295 Spectrum : A Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Indian Journals
296 The Social ION Indian Journals