Alphabetical List of Online Core Journals subscribed by the Central Library, IIT Patna                     


1 Review of Scientific Instruments AIP
2 Reviews of Modern Physics APS
3 Radio and Electronic Engineer IEEE
4 Reports on Progress in Physics IOP
5 Radiation Protection Dosimetry OUP
6 Refugee Survey Quarterly OUP
7 Review of Environmental Economics and Policy OUP
8 Review of Finance OUP
10 Race and Social Problems PQJ(SSC)
11 Rajagiri Journal of Social Development PQJ(SSC)
12 Reading Time PQJ(SSC)
13 Reference and Research Book News PQJ(SSC)
14 Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education PQJ(SSC)
15 Research in Gerontological Nursing PQJ(SSC)
16 Resources for Feminist Research PQJ(SSC)
17 Review of Behavioral Finance PQJ(SSC)
18 Review of Black Political Economy PQJ(SSC)
19 The Review of Economic Studies PQJ(SSC)
20 Review of European Studies PQJ(SSC)
21 Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs PQJ(SSC)
22 The Review of Politics PQJ(SSC)
23 Review of World Economics PQJ(SSC)
24 Reviews in Clinical Gerontology PQJ(SSC)
25 Ripon Forum PQJ(SSC)
26 Romani Studies PQJ(SSC)
27 Rural Sociology PQJ(SSC)
28 Russian Social Science Review PQJ(SSC)
29 RSC Advances RSC
30 Rare Metal Materials and Engineering Elsevier
31 RBM-News Elsevier
32 Reactive Functional Polymers/ Reactive Polymers Elsevier
33 Real-Time Imaging Elsevier
34 Refocus Elsevier
35 Reliability Engineering & System Safety Elsevier
36 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Elsevier
37 Renewable Energy Focus Elsevier
38 Renewable Energy Elsevier
39 Resources, Conservation and Recycling Elsevier
40 Results in Pharma Sciences Elsevier
41 Robotics and Autonomous Systems Elsevier
42 Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Elsevier
43 The Review of Asset Pricing Studies OUP
44 The Review of Corporate Finance Studies OUP
45 The Review of Economic Studies OUP
46 The Review of Financial Studies OUP
47 Race and Social Problems Springer
48 Radiation and Environmental Biophysics Springer
49 Radiochemistry Springer
50 Radioelectronics and Communications Systems Springer
51 Radiological Physics and Technology Springer
52 Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics Springer
53 Rare Metals Springer
54 Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis Springer
55 Reading and Writing Springer
56 Real-Time Systems Springer
57 Refractories and Industrial Ceramics Springer
58 Regional Environmental Change Springer
59 Regular and Chaotic Dynamics Springer
60 Reproductive Health Springer
61 Requirements Engineering Springer
62 Research in Engineering Design Springer
63 Research in Higher Education Springer
64 Research in Science Education Springer
65 Research on Chemical Intermediates Springer
66 Research on Language and Computation Springer
67 Resonance Springer
68 Results in Mathematics Springer
69 Retrovirology Springer
70 Review of Accounting Studies Springer
71 Review of Derivatives Research Springer
72 Review of Economic Design Springer
73 Review of Economics of the Household Springer
74 Review of Industrial Organization Springer
75 Review of Managerial Science Springer
76 Review of Philosophy and Psychology Springer
77 Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Springer
78 Review of World Economics Springer
79 Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology Springer
80 Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries Springer
81 Rheologica Acta Springer
82 Rice Springer
83 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
84 Russian Aeronautics (Iz VUZ) Springer
85 Russian Agricultural Sciences Springer
86 Russian Chemical Bulletin Springer
87 Russian Electrical Engineering Springer
88 Russian Engineering Research Springer
89 Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry Springer
90 Russian Journal of Biological Invasions Springer
91 Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry Springer
92 Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry Springer
93 Russian Journal of Developmental Biology Springer
94 Russian Journal of Ecology Springer
95 Russian Journal of Electrochemistry Springer
96 Russian Journal of General Chemistry Springer
97 Russian Journal of Genetics Springer
98 Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Springer
99 Russian Journal of Marine Biology Springer
100 Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics Springer
101 Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing Springer
102 Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals Springer
103 Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry Springer
104 Russian Journal of Pacific Geology Springer
105 Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A Springer
106 Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B Springer
107 Russian Journal of Plant Physiology Springer
108 Russian Linguistics Springer
109 Russian Mathematics Springer
110 Russian Metallurgy (Metally) Springer
111 Russian Meteorology and Hydrology Springer
112 Russian Microelectronics Springer
113 Russian Physics Journal Springer
114 Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids: Incorporating Plasma Science and Plasma Technology T & F
115 Rare Diseases T & F
116 Regional Studies, Regional Science T & F
117 Remote Sensing Letters T & F
118 Research in Nondestructive Evaluation T & F
119 Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture T & F
120 Ringing & Migration T & F
121 RNA Biology T & F
122 Road Materials and Pavement Design T & F
123 Rocks & Minerals T & F
124 Rural Society T & F
125 The Ramanujan Journal Springer
126 The Review of Austrian Economics Springer
127 The Review of Black Political Economy Springer
128 The Review of International Organizations Springer
129 The Review of Socionetwork Strategies Springer
130 Rapid Prototyping Journal (RPJ) Emerald
131 Records Management Journal (RMJ) Emerald
132 Reference Reviews (RR) Emerald
133 Reference Services Review (RSR) Emerald
134 Review of Accounting and Finance (RAF) Emerald
135 Review of Behavioural Finance (2012 Acq - replaced JHRCA) (RBF) Emerald
136 Review of International Business and Strategy (Prev. International Journal of Commerce and Management) (RIBS) Emerald
137 Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Journals