Alphabetical List of Online Core Journals subscribed by the Central Library, IIT Patna                     


1 Health & Social Work OUP
3 Hagar PQJ(SSC)
4 Health & Social Work PQJ(SSC)
5 Health Care Financing Review PQJ(SSC)
6 Health Sociology Review PQJ(SSC)
7 Health Statistics Quarterly PQJ(SSC)
8 Healthcare Leadership Review PQJ(SSC)
9 Healthcare Life Safety Compliance PQJ(SSC)
10 Hemispheres PQJ(SSC)
11 Himalayan and Central Asian Studies PQJ(SSC)
12 Hispanic PQJ(SSC)
13 History of Political Economy PQJ(SSC)
14 Housing, Care and Support PQJ(SSC)
15 Human Architecture PQJ(SSC)
16 Human Ecology PQJ(SSC)
17 Human Geographies PQJ(SSC)
18 Human Life Review PQJ(SSC)
19 Human Nature: An Interdisciplinary Biosocial Perspective PQJ(SSC)
20 Human Organization PQJ(SSC)
21 Human Rights Quarterly PQJ(SSC)
22 Human Rights Review PQJ(SSC)
23 Human Studies PQJ(SSC)
24 Humanity & Society PQJ(SSC)
25 Health:  An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine SAGE
26 The Hastings Center Report PQJ(SSC)
27 The Humanist PQJ(SSC)
28 Harm Reduction Journal Springer
29 Health and Quality of Life Outcomes Springer
30 Health Care Analysis Springer
31 Health Care Management Science Springer
32 Health Economics Review Springer
33 Health Information Science and Systems Springer
34 Health Research Policy and Systems Springer
35 Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology Springer
36 Heart and Vessels Springer
37 Heat and Mass Transfer Springer
38 HEC Forum Springer
39 Helgoland Marine Research Springer
40 Helminthologia Springer
41 Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice Springer
42 High Energy Chemistry Springer
43 High Temperature Springer
44 Higher Education Springer
45 Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation Springer
46 Histochemistry and Cell Biology Springer
47 Hormones and Cancer Springer
48 Horticulture, Environment, and Biotechnology Springer
49 Human Ecology Springer
50 Human Genetics Springer
51 Human Nature Springer
52 Human Physiology Springer
53 Human Resources for Health Springer
54 Human Rights Review Springer
55 Human Studies Springer
56 Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences Springer
57 Husserl Studies Springer
58 Hydrobiologia Springer
59 Hydrogeology Journal Springer
60 Hyperfine Interactions Springer
61 Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine: An Open Access Journal T & F
62 Health Sociology Review T & F
63 Heat Transfer Engineering T & F
64 High Pressure Research: An International Journal T & F
65 Historical Biology: An International Journal of Paleobiology T & F
66 Human Dimensions of Wildlife: An International Journal T & F
67 Human–Computer Interaction T & F
68 Hydrological Sciences Journal T & F
69 The HUGO Journal Springer
70 Health Education (HE) Emerald
71 Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning (HESWBL) Emerald
72 History of Education Review (HER) Emerald
73 Housing, Care and Support (HCS) Emerald
74 Human Resource Management International Digest (HRMID) Emerald
75 Humanomics  Emerald