Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-02 Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Substituted Cobalt Ferrites Kumar, L. 2013
TH-05 Some Optical Image Encryption Techniques based on Amplitude and Phase Truncation Rajput, S.K. 2014
TH-27 Analytical Models for Cigar Shaped Bose-Einstein Condensate under a variety of External Confinements Nath, A. 2015
TH-32 Composition Driven Structural and Magnetic Phase Transitions in Bismuth Ferrite Kumar, P. 2016
TH-41 Investigations on Asymmetric Image Encryption Schemes using Optical Transforms Mehra, I. 2016


Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-10 Multicomponent Reaction for the Synthesis of Dihydropyridine, Tetrahydropyridine and Spirooxindole Pyran Derivatives Pal, S. 2014
TH-11 Synthesis of New Triptycene and Uracil Derivative and Their Applications in Supermolecular Chemistry Chakraborty, S. 2014
TH-16 Photophysics of Fluorescent Probes in Organized Assemblies and Different Neat Solvents Chatterjee, A. 2015
TH-17 Mechanistic Study of the Repair of Clustered Abasic Site DNA Damage and Construction of DNA-Porphyrin Hybrid Molecular Building Blocks Singh, V. 2015
TH-18 Newer Catalystic Methodologies for Domino Synthesis of Pyran, Spriooxindole, Pyridine and Rapid Decomposition of Organic Dyes Molla, A. 2015
TH-24 Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Expanded Graphite and Graphene Mondal, T. 2015
TH-30 Multicomponent Reactions: A One Pot Cyclization Strategy for the Synthesis of some Functionalized and Fused N & O-Heterocycles Khan, N. 2016
TH-42 Arylglyoxal and Isatin based Multicomponent Reactions for the Construction of Five Membered Heterocyclic Compounds Karamthulla, S. 2016
TH-43 Ring Opening Polymerization of Lactide using Group 4 Metal Complexes containing BI-, TRI- and Tetradentate Scaffolds Roymuhury, S. K. 2016
TH-44 Group 4 Complexes bearing Half-Salen, Salen, Salan and Salphen Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Polymerization Studies Mandal, M. 2016


Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-01 On Duality in Nonlinear Optimization Problems under Crisp and Fuzzy Environment Dangar, Debasis 2013
TH-04 Semi-equivelar Maps and D-covered Triangulations of Surfaces Tiwari, A.K. 2013
TH-09 Some Problems of Estimation under Censored Data Rastogi, M.K. 2014
TH-20 A Study of Cycles and Maps on Surfaces Maity, D. 2015
TH-40 Some Direct and Inverse Problems for the Generalized Sumsets Mistri, R. K. 2016
TH-47 Controllability and Feedback Control Problems for Linear Time-Invariant Descriptor Systems Mishra, V. K. 2016

Mechanical Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-07 Characterization of Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Dielectric Elastomes for Actuator Applications Sahu, R.K. 2014
TH-08 Modeling of Inelastic Effect in Hyperelastic Materials: Applications to A Few Deformation Families Tauheed, F. 2014
TH-19 Two-Phase Flow Investigations in Various Microchannel Configurations Prajapati, Y.K. 2015
TH-22 Numerical Simulation of Crack Growth in Homogenous and BI-Materials by EFGM and XFEM Pathak, H. 2015
TH-29 Modeling and Optimization of Bone Drilling Process for Orthopaedic Surgical Applications Pandey, R. K. 2015
TH-37 Modeling of Micro Drilling Process considering Scaling Effects Anand, R. S. 2016
TH-38 Natural Convection of Viscoplastic Fluids in an Enclosure Hassan, M. 2016
TH-45 Sensor Based Real Time Tool Wear Monitoring and Compensation in Reverse Micro-EDM and Micro-EDM-Drilling Nirala, C. K. 2016

Electrical Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-12 Printed Curved Antennas for Wideband and Multiband Wireless Communication Verma, S. 2014
TH-13 Integration of Distributed Generation to Improve the Power System Performance under Deregulated Environment Singh, A.K. 2014
TH-15 Design and Characterization of Micro-Ring Resonator based Devices for Fibre Optic Transmission Systems Bhowmik, B.B. 2015
TH-21 Wireless Multicarrier Communications with Carrier Interferometry Codes and Iterative Receiver Mukherjee, M. 2015
TH-26 Intelligent Technique for Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor using Multi Scale Entropy Verma, A. K. 2015
TH-34 New Two Degree of Freedom Control Schemes for Integrating and Unstable Processes with Time Delay Ajmeri, M. 2016
TH-46 Improved Filtering for Nonlinear Systems with Non-Delayed and Delayed Measurements Singh, A. K. 2016

Computer Science and Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-06 Secure Routing Techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks Maqtam, R. 2014
TH-14 On Boundary Detection and Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Shukla, S. 2014
TH-23 Opportunistic Routing Protocols for Infrastructure-Less Wireless Networks Mazumdar, A. P. 2015
TH-28 On Broadcasting and Geographical Routing in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Das, D. 2015

Humanities and Social Science

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-03 Comples Predicate in Magahi Nilu 2013
TH-25 Trade Policy Reforms: A case study of Trade Liberalization in India (1990-2010) Sinha, P. 2015
TH-33 Aspects of Magahi syntax Atreya, L. 2016
TH-35 Representation of Indian Women in Select Dalit and Diasporic Narratives Pooja 2016
TH-36 English of India: A Sociolinguistic Study Singh, S. 2016
TH-39 Business Cycles in India: Anatomy and Dynamics Rajesh, R. 2016

Materials Science and Engineering

Accession No.TitleAuthor NameYear
TH-31 Development and Properties of Novel Nanostructured Thermoplastic Elastomeric Blends based on Fluoroelastomer Banerjee, S. S. 2016