Accession No. Title Author Name Year
DI-1 Comparitive Study of Denial of Service Attack in Wireless Network Gaurav, V. 2014
DI-2 Electrical and Optical Properties of Modified Cobalt and Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles Pahari, L.K. 2014
DI-3 Design and Planning of Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Autonomous Human Following Yadav, S. 2014
DI-4 Fuzzy Optimization Based Asset Liability Management Chaudhury, R. 2014
DI-5 Design and Development of Electric Double Layer Super Capacitors and its Applications Upadhyay, D.C. 2014
DI-6 Oxide Heterostructures for Solar Cell Applications Kumar, A. 2014
DI-8 Impedance and Ferroelectric Properties on Polymer(PVDF)-Ceramic Nanocomposites Goswami, A.M. 2014
DI-9 Unsuperwised Graph Based Video Object Extraction Gupta, K. 2014
DI-10 Quantum dot-dna Conjugates for Potential Applications in Photodynamic Theraphy Chakraborty, A. 2014
DI-11 Synthesis and Characterization of cu-en-eds Nanocrystals: Application in Solar Cell Kumar, Y. 2014
DI-17 Febrication of Grating Structure by Interference Lithography Technique Pandey, R. 2014
DI-18 Fabrication and Characterization of Complex Oxide Thin Film Deposited by Pulse Laser Deposition Kumar, N. 2014
DI-21 Fabrication of Pentacene based Organic Field Effect Transistor Pandey, M. 2014
DI-22 Multi Objective Optimization and Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition for Information Extraction Govind 2014
DI-23 Exploration in Portfolio Optimization using AMOSA and Other Modern Computational Techniques Sen, T. 2014
DI-24 Semiconductor Process Optimization and Integration for the Elimination of Deep Trech Isolation Crack Issue in High Voltage Devices Ghosh, S. 2014
DI-52 Synthesis and Characterization of Triptyscene based Dendrimers Jaiswal, A.K. 2015
DI-53 Tuning of Magnetic and Electrical Properties in Complex Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition Chouhan, A.S. 2015
DI-54 Hierarchically Nanostructured Tin Sulfide as an Electrode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors Leuaa, P.K. 2015
DI-55 Synthesis and Characterization of Efficient Nanoplasmonic Antennas for Improving the Sensitivity of a Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensor Chatterjee, S. 2015
DI-56 Enhancement of Roman Scattering Signal using Localized Surface Plasmons and Photonic Nanojet of an Optical Microsphere Das, G.M. 2015
DI-57 Design and Synthesis of Nanocatalyst for Photocatalytic Decomposition of Organic Dye Sahu, M. 2015
DI-58 DNA Guided Assembly for the Rational Design of Nanoscale Building Blocks Singh, S.K. 2015
DI-59 Dielectric and Magneto Electric Coupling Studies on CFO-PZT Nano Composite Pradhan, L.K. 2015


Accession No. Title Author Name Year


Accession No. Title Author Name Year
DI-7 Estimation for Some Reliabibilty Models Under Censoring Dabral, N. 2014
DI-12 Estimation for An Inverse Gaussian Distribution under Type-1 Censoring Singh, D.P. 2014
DI-13 Detecting and Mitigation Application-Level Distributed Denial of Service Attack using Clustering Technique Dwivedi, S.K. 2014
DI-15 Multi Objective Optimization for Clustering of Medical Publications Ravikumar,K. 2014
DI-19 Text Mining for Temporal Search and Sentiment Analysis Gupta, D. 2014
DI-67 Mathematical Models in Advertising Kumar, U. 2015
DI-68 Some Results in Quantum Information Theory Chakraborty, D. 2015
DI-69 Parameter Estimation for a Burr Distribution using Progressive Censoring Maurya, R.K. 2015
DI-70 Estimation for Lognormally Distributed Step Stress Model with type-II Censoring Mahto, A.K. 2015
DI-71 Soft Computing Techniques for Gene Expression Data Analysis and Micro Crack Detection of Photovoltaic Baishnab, S. 2015
DI-72 Sentiment Mining using Machine Learning Optimization Khan, A. 2015
DI-73 Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Disease Mention Recognition Tiwari, S. 2015
DI-74 Improved Algorithms for Active Learning Jha, M.K. 2015
DI-75 Multi Objective based Automatic Techniques for Detecting Cancer Biomarkers Yadav, R.K. 2015
DI-76 Supervised Approach for Aspect based Sentiment Analysis and Query Word Labelling Gupta, D.K. 2015

Mechanical Engineering

Accession No. Title Author Name Year
DI-39 Analytical Study of Hydraulic Engine Mounting System Sinha, S. 2015
DI-60 Design and Fabrication of Automatic Booklet Scanning Machine Parmar, P.A. 2015
DI-61 Design and Analysis of Micro Hydro Turbine Parmar, K. 2015
DI-62 Image Guided Automated Non-Prehensile Magnetic Micro Manipulation of Cells Das, A. 2015
DI-63 Tool Condition Monitoring in Micro Mechanical Drilling Ranjan, J. 2015
DI-64 Implementation of Descriptor Observer Design approach to Synchronize Chaotic Systems for Secure Communication Chandra, S. 2015
DI-65 Modeling and Analysis of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing for Whirl Instability Krishnan, G. 2015
DI-66 Dynamic Response and Stability of Railway Vehicle Depending upon Contact Forces and Displacement at Wheel Rail Contact Laha, A. 2015

Electrical Engineering

Accession No. Title Author Name Year
DI-25 Outage Performance of Multi Carrier Cooperative Relaying over Fading Channels Gupta, A. 2015
DI-26 L-Band Gaas mmic Power Amplifier Designer Lakhani, A.N. 2015
DI-27 Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Diversity Schemes Over Fading Channels Kumar, M. 2015
DI-28 Test Bed Implementation of a Nowel approach of Blind Modulation Classification. Gupta, R. 2015
DI-29 Gallbladder Cancer-Diagnosis and Treatment Chandra, N. 2015
DI-30 Variable Rate Schemes for Wireless Applications   2015
DI-31 Mitigation of Optical Fiber Induced Impairments for 100gbps Dual Polarization QPSK System using Electronic Signal Processing Narayana, S. 2015
DI-32 Sc FDMA Scheme for Wireless Communication Sagar, V. 2015
DI-33 Improvement in Image Enhancement using Fractional Derivative Techniques Suman, S. 2015
DI-34 Farfield based Abnormal Human Activity Detection using Spatio Temporal Interest Points Keshav, N. 2015
DI-35 Energy Aware Device Placement and Traffic Routing for Wireless Optical Broadband Access Networks Kumar, A. 2015
DI-36 Performance Studies of MIMO Communication System Pandey, D. 2015
DI-37 Test Bed Implementation of Blind Wireless Receiver(BWR) for Single Carrier Systems Praksah, B.J. 2015
DI-38 Blind Symbol Timing Offset Estimation for OQPSK Modulated Signals Kumar, S. 2015

Computer Science and Engineering

Accession No. Title Author Name Year
DI-40 Computer Aided Lung Nodule Detection using Two Level Machine Learning Algorithm Singh, A. 2015
DI-41 Analysing Dynamics of Interacting Multiplex Networks Sarkar, S. 2015
DI-42 Evolutionary Optimization and Supervised Lexical Acquisition for Bio-text Mining Jadhav, A.M. 2015
DI-43 Detection of Trustworthiness Information and Adverse Drug Reaction from Social Media Data Prasad, R. 2015
DI-44 Data Centric Refinement of Information Flow Analysis of Database Application Alam, I. 2015
DI-45 Designing of Variable Length Block Cipher Saroj, K. 2015
DI-46 Data Refinement on Abstraction based Approach Koshley, D.K. 2015
DI-47 Development of Constraint based Role Mining Technique. Verma, V. 2015
DI-48 Single and Multi Objective Differential Evolution based Clustering Techniques Singh, V. 2015
DI-49 Push based User Selection in Mobile Crowdsensingh Singh, R. 2015
DI-50 Graph Coloring Algorithm on Pregel Model using Hadoop Gandhi, N.M. 2015
DI-51 Secure Multicast Data Transmission Technique for Internet of Things Basu, S.S. 2015

Materials Science and Engineering

Accession No. Title Author Name Year
DI-14 Energy Harvesting using Dielectric Elastomer Singh, N.K. 2014
DI-16 Multi Sensor based Intelligent Tool Condition Monitoring in Mechanical Micro-Drilling Jha, A.K. 2014
DI-20 Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Planning of Bio-Inspired Quadruped Robot Mishra, A.K. 2014

Humanities and Social Science

Accession No. Title Author Name Year

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Accession No. Title Author Name Year

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Accession No. Title Author Name Year